Tips for lock down

Good morning folks 😁 it’s certainly Corona lockdown time here in the sunny south so here are a few practical tips to assist you with the little things that may not cross your mind in these stressful times:

Your vehicle is going to be used a lot less so remember to maintain your battery. Starting it draws more current than it charges if you let it run for only a few minutes each day. First choice is to put the battery on an intelligent trickle charger. If you don’t have one, rather disconnect the battery and reconnect it once a week. Do this by disconnecting the negative terminal (this is safer because if your spanner hits some bodywork, you won’t get fireworks) when you reconnect it to run the car for about 10 minutes (open the garage door πŸ™ˆ) run the aircon also, it has lubricants in the gas which will circulate keeping all the o rings and seals in good nick.

Be wary when and where you put petrol in (if you are an essential services worker) try to put in as much petrol as you can at the busiest fuel station before lockdown. Remember, it is rainy season and water gets into the tanks. Now with lockdown fuel stations are going to be a lot quieter so your chances of getting contaminated fuel is higher. During lockdown, stick to the busiest stations at the busiest times.

If you have a compressor, keep your tyres pumped, even if you’re not driving the car, it increases their life.

You’re going to all be at home, 24/7 it’s advisable to keep your electricity bill in the front of your mind at all times. Run smaller baths and perhaps switch the geyser off during the day.

You’re all at home, perhaps you don’t need to use that dishwasher, that tumble dryer and you probably won’t need to iron clothing. You will need to save as much electricity as possible.

Keep lights switched off wherever possible. This may be a good time to stock up on LED lights and bulbs and spend your lockdown installing these.

You’re going to eat a lot more. Perhaps use that gas stove or gas camping stove as much as possible.

You really don’t want to get caught with your pants down with a huge electrical bill.

Panic buy paint, it will keep you busy for a few weeks.

Good luck and see you on the flip side 😁

One thought on “Tips for lock down

  1. Goeie idees….niemand het nog gedink aan die internet nie…almal gaan wil stream en Netflix, en dan gaan ons dalk ook noodwendig gecap word sodat die mense wat van huise af werk, darem internet het.


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